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Talent Pools.

HR Professional Value Add Services – People matter most.

As an HR professional you will likely to be required to advise on the following challenges in business today:

1. The competition for skilled talent in your industry
2. How to keep costs low and keep ROI as high as possible

In other words….

1. Finding talent and maintaining a true talent pool that you can pull from when needed
2. Finding lower cost solutions in order to maximize profits


Talent pools – The Importance of asking yourself why?

Have we lost key employees and management who previously brought revenue to the business?

Do our competitors seem to be stealing away some of our key people from us?

Do we have the capacity to network with these new talent potentials and keep them “ready and motivated” to join when we need?

Does the business have defined revenue opportunity that will require this resource to be ready to take full advantage? E.g. Brexit wall of cash?


(Designed by OUR in-house recruitment for YOUR in-house recruitment)

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The current day problem…

  • Recruitment agencies can no longer maintain a database of candidates (time, cost, legislation). Adverts are now a habit…and a cheap and easy way to maybe get one ‘A’ or ‘B’ relevant candidate and they only need one lucky strike of a ‘strong’ candidate to win a fee. Agencies are in a “rat race”, with too much of the “same” competition, making it IMPOSSIBLE to CV mine properly, EVEN IF THEY KNEW HOW….for example when did you last hear an agency proactively recommend assessment and benchmarking or have the highly effective software to do the job faster and better?
  • Job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn have “SPOILED” their own products with “1 Click Apply” and “Easy Apply”, and recruiters have abused the advert etiquette. The result is that candidates have too many “SAME” adverts to apply to, so they 1 Click Apply and don’t even read the job advert, so the number of irrelevant applications sky rockets. To compound “1 Click Apply” and “Easy Apply” there is also “Auto Apply” if a job is even vaguely close to what a candidate is looking for. The knock on effect is that HR / Internal Recruitment is bombarded with CV’s that don’t even relate to the role they advertised, so they sink under irrelevant CV processing while still juggling interviews, offers, and HR duties….To put the “1 Click Apply” into context, Broadbean now estimate 500 job boards exist in the UK.

So, you could say INEFFICIENCY has crept in, which means cutting corners to speed things up. Also, the massive expenditure of time and effort for no reward / results for some, so the cost goes up…. cost to hire, cost of attrition due to hiring the wrong candidate, which is due to limited choice etc.
These are our thoughts and observations, after we attended a number of relevant IN-HOUSE RECRUITMENT industry events, regarding some of the issues IN HOUSE RECRUITERS face today…

  • 500 job boards per Broadbean – wow, candidates just can’t get to see so many and which ones do you choose to advertise on?
  • A fixation with Companies promoting adverts and software to attract talent, as the only way for you to find talent
  • No Company is providing you with a solution for the high volume of irrelevant applicants to adverts. They just promote more software to manage the volume.
  • No Company is providing you with a solution to ensure improvements in candidate care solutions, for the mass of unsuccessful candidates
  • No Company is providing you with a solution to encouraging the “passive” candidate to make a move
  • AND FINALLY… AMAZING Admissions ……. from some Job boards representatives, on Agency behaviour re “one relevant candidate found and then the agencies stop providing any more relevant candidates”.

So, they are YOUR problems, NOW LET US PROVIDE YOU WITH THE SOLUTIONS. We put our unique softwareto work with your keywords. We take more keywords to enhance the searches. We work smarter and harder for you for less cost, because our systems, developed through industry experience, allow us to be more efficient and cost effective…. so, it is only fair we pass on the savings to you….


Your internal recruitment function deserves this bespoke help and choice, that the industry has ignored for too long.



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*Feedback with 7 days entitles you to more relevant CVs

The difference to recruitment agencies is more relevant candidates keep coming and cost saving.

In summary

Best for job candidate CV supply and contact services at affordable cost !!!

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£349+ VAT
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Talent Pools - HR Adding Even More Value

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£349+ VAT
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  • Recruitment with a twist

    I assumed recruitment companies were recruitment companies, and that was that… but Recruitment Tests have found a USP which genuinely sets them apart. A very interesting premise, which helped me find a varied selection of candidates, all fitting the brief I supplied

    4 Oct 2019
  • Great service.

    Great service. Prompt reply and recruiting manager said better quality of CVs than previously received from a direct advert.

    Steven Bingham
    19 Aug 2019
  • A really quick answer and several…

    A really quick answer and several candidates provided. I would definitely contact the Recruitment Test team again.

    5 Jun 2019
  • A great service

    A great service – if you are recruiting internally, this cuts down CV screening time by at least 60% Thank you Recruitment Tests

    Annette Ralph
    19 Feb 2019
  • 1 batch provided and I got the…

    1 batch provided and I got the candidate required for the job. Excellent product MMUK

    Steve Kerbey
    19 Feb 2019
  • Alternative to recruitment agency candidate search

    Quick and cost effective recruitment solution.

    Stuart Lunt
    31 Jan 2019
  • Excellent service

    We received our candidates back within a few hours. They helped us unearth candidates that we would never have found.

    31 Jan 2019

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